Barcelona joins ‘100 resilient cities’ network


The City was selected by the Rockefeller Foundation because of its commitment to innovation.

Barcelona has been chosen to join the international “100 resilient cities” network coordinated by the Rockefeller Foundation and aimed at promoting resilience among urban cities.

The ‘100 Resilient Cities’ network aims to promote resilience among urban cities, especially the ability to resist, adapt and overcome stressful situations, whether due to natural, technological or social events.

The Catalan capital was chosen from among 330 candidates along with 35 other cities including London, Chicago and Singapore.

Barcelona was specifically chosen because of its innovative approach to issues related to urban resilience and its “commitment to community collaboration and the programme”.

The city’s first contribution as a network member will be organizing a Barcelona Resilience Experience, a conference on urban resilience focusing on public-private partnerships.


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